simply us… 2 girls with a passion

english versionWhen life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

To live listening to your body and signals that it sends to you…

This is a little phrase that sums up the spirit of this blog … to give some ideas to all the people who are intolerant to some foods, with original recipes and a variety of articles about nutrition!

We are 2 Italian girls with a passion for the nutrition theme… since we were 2 little girls…

Maybe not so little !!! :p

Anyway, we are two girls with a big passion for nutrition, which led us to choose a scientific university studies, but especially we are two friends, who share their everyday life, discovering how could be difficult to make a deal at the table when you live with someone who is intolerant to the majority of edible things there are on the market !!!


That’s why this blog is born, to avoid all kitchen hassles that there are when you can use only a few types of products, a practical and simple manual of recipes for all those people who are intolerant.

That’s the idea of this diary, but for people who have time and desire to read …

Everybody knows that a varied and healthy diet is the right choice, the diet can’t be composed only by the same foods, by fats or simple sugars… Sometimes it could be difficult to follow these guidelines, especially for people, like us, who is always busy with work and other stuff, who eats anything and everywhere (pizza, sandwiches, fast foods rich in sauces).

Hands up who never said “Tonight I will eat just a bit of ice cream!” .. could you think that the ice-cream will begin a super mega brioche stuffed with all ice-cream tastes (including the ice-cream man)?  Hands up who, after work, usually orders some pizzas or some China’s food because he’s too tired [or lazy 😉 ] to cook? I think everybody now is with hands up :p

When our stomach began to blow up …and blow up… and blow OKOK ^.^’ you’ve understood, we realized that we had to do something and changed our way to feed us before becoming an hot-air balloon!

So baaam, we bumped into a big intolerance problem, it was like a derailment of a speeding train, like the epic Titanic’s collision with the iceberg (and “iceberg” was not the lettuce)!!!

Then, after we’ve verified to be intolerance to the majority of food groups available on planet Earth, we decided to dedicate ourselves to the kitchen (this unknown) and learn how to turn on the stove (ok now let’s not exaggerate! )

So once understood the basics of evolution, the problem was about to find alternative foods to avoid a monotonous diet, and above all, how to invent new recipes that included such ingredients.

That’s was the start for our blog!

Our blog will be written in English and Spanish (a good chance to speak our favorite languages … we know many people who live abroad and in this way we want to facilitate the reading of our articles (sorry for any eventual language mistakes)!

However we believe that internet and all the blogs are a great discovery where everybody is free to speak, to convey emotion, to tell their own thoughts and especially it’s possible put knowledge that becomes available to everyone.


See you soon … 😉


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